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The weather has been turning against mankind in recent years. At least, that’s how it seems. Between Hurricanes, earthquakes, and some of the coldest winters the east coast have ever seen, collateral damage is affecting the whole area. Especially in places like West Chester, PA, there are quite a few difficulties that come with winter months; not least of which is the fallout which results from heavy snowfall.

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Beyond A Certain Threshold
A tree can take a lot of weight, but it is a living thing subject to entropy like anything else. Beetles, termites, age, wind, rain, lightning, snow–these things are effectual over time. There’s a reason the primacy of trees on this planet aren’t thousands of years old. Such aged giants are the exception to the rule; they are minorities. The majority of trees have a lifespan that will be reached, and may differ per tree. One conifer may live two hundred years, while one just twenty feet away only lives fifty. The old tree has better access to water, the younger tree’s roots are stopped by subterranean rocks, and so it reaches a point at which it can no longer grow, becomes stagnant, and dies. But that dead tree may not appear dead immediately. In fact, there may be no sign of interior rotting until the wind picks up and knocks it into your home’s guest room, or your department store’s parking lot, or your legal practice’s patio. In the case of the commercial institution, when a tree falls down it’s not just bad for business, it could represent an insurance liability. What if that tree falls on a car in your lot? Somebody’s got to pay for it, and you can bet the vehicle owner is going to point the finger at you.


Emergencies Come Without Foreknowledge
You’re going to have situations like this arise unexpectedly on a regular basis, and there’s nothing you can really do about it, except find a reputable emergency service that can be on your property very quickly, any time of the day or night. Because storms don’t wait for your schedule; as a matter of fact, they’re most likely to wreak havoc in the wee small hours of the morning.

One group that has made it their business to provide emergency support in these situations and more is Tree and Lawn Force of West Chester, PA. Providing support for Malvern, Chester Springs, and other municipalities, Tree And Lawn Force doesn’t just provide emergency services, they also provide conventional landscaping and hardscaping support. When you’ve got a group like Tree And Lawn Force, who has 25+ years’ experience in the field, regularly maintaining your premises, you’ll also be able to catch structural instability in foliage. Sometimes there are signs that a tree may be uprooted by a windstorm or compromised by a heavy snowfall. Such landscaping experts can either have the tree removed proactively, or prune it such that weighty snowfall and winds no longer pose a threat.

Proactive Solutions
Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. If you want to avoid having your trees toppled by snow, wind, and rain, maybe have them looked at by an agency with a quarter of a century’s experience providing regular support and emergency service for all your landscaping needs. We at Tree And Lawn Care are a clutch of certified, licensed professionals with the tools and know-how to fix your emergency situations and keep preventable troubles from crashing your operations or ruining your property. Contact us for comprehensive service you can trust.

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