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When The Worst Happens
You can’t predict the next big storm; neither can the weather guy. Sure, he’ll say it’s going to snow three feet–but then there’s just a dusting barely an inch thick. Meanwhile, if he predicts low humidity and a “possibility” of showers, it’s time to stock up on canned food because you’re about to be snowed in for a week.

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Weather is unpredictable; that’s just how it is. But this unpredictability can really be an inconvenience if you don’t have proper support, or emergency contingency measures. When snow accumulates heavily enough, it can break branches, topple trees, cave-in rooftops, and turn roads into impassible frozen dunes.

Oftentimes, if there’s some kind of catastrophe related to the weather, it’s going to hit at the worst possible moment. A tree will crash into your house from overloaded snow at three in the morning–and what are you going to do about it? Pull the truck out of the garage that’s already behind a dune of snow taller than you are? You need emergency support.


Preparing For Disaster
One of the best ways to ensure you’re not knocked out of commission by some catastrophe of this caliber is to find a landscaping and emergency tree services company beforehand. Have them work on landscaping your property. Have them prune your trees.

Such organizations have the experience necessary to determine if a certain tree may have become a hazard. Lifespans on trees fluctuate based on their environment. Where one tree may live half a millennium, another of the same species only yards away may only live several dozen years. Beetles, termites, wind, rain, lightning, snow, quakes, rodents, woodland creatures–all play a part in undermining a given tree’s structural integrity over time. If you’re not an expert in the subject, you may not have the tools necessary to determine whether or not a tree is in a state of compromise. But the right landscaping/hardscaping organization will.

The Kind of Services You’re Looking For
Ever tried to use your pickup truck to remove a stump? It’s a great way to rip your bumper right off the back of that half-ton Toyota. Even a full-sized pickup may not have the necessary strength to remove a stump. Depending on its size, it could only be removable with specialized equipment designed just for the task. Now there are several ways you can find this out for yourself. One way is to actually damage your own property trying to do the job yourself without contacting professionals. Another is to contact professionals who have experience, licensing, and certification. Look for at least twenty years of continuous service to a given community. This will give a group requisite time to gain necessary experience for the determination of a tree’s stability, as well as the best ways to go about removing fallen trees, stumps, and other landscaping necessities which may or may not be defined by an emergency situation.

A Trusted Local Option
Tree And Lawn Force of West Chester, PA services West Chester and surrounding areas. Their services have a quarter of a century’s experience undergirding them, licensed representatives, certified technicians, and the kind of tools to get the job done. Not only does Tree And Lawn Force focus their services on emergency situations, they’re also experts in landscaping, hardscaping, and all of the yard-related needs a residential or commercial operation may have. From beatification efforts downtown, to trees in front of your legal office or medical practice, to residential foliage control and pruning, Tree And Lawn Force has the experience, the personnel, and the tools to get the job done.

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