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Benefits of Tree Trimming

Did you know that keeping your trees properly trimmed can offer surprising benefits not only to the tree but to your lawn & landscape? A tree that has been trimmed correctly will live longer and maintain a natural and pleasing shape. Periodic thinning of any branches on a regular basis will allow light to filter through the canopy to the lawn or garden below. It has been a well kept secret that a beautiful tree that have been well taken care of can even increase the value of your home or business!


Safety First!

Safety is important consideration when dealing with trees. Large trees that have been left to grow unchecked in residential or urban areas may pose a hazard to your home, vehicles or outbuildings. The last thing you need is a branch to fall on-top of your neighbors car or home! Tree and Lawn Force can easily prune out broken or dying branches to increase the airflow in your tree’s canopy. This will reduce the likelihood that your tree will cause damage to your home when faced with strong winds. Large, heavy limbs that pose a threat to nearby buildings should also be removed.

Experience Matters

Whether you’re looking to prevent an accident, protect the health of a beloved specimen, entirely remove an unwanted tree or preventing future problems with regular maintenance, Tree and Lawn Force can get the job done. With more than 25 years of experience, our licensed and insured technicians can tackle any job, big or small. Don’t trust your tree trimming project to just anyone. Put your confidence in Tree and Lawn Force – reliably improving properties in Chester County since 1990.


Tree Pruning Takes Skill

Job Tree and Lawn Force is not just a tree pruning company, we are tree surgeons. Proper pruning is a skilled job that requires both high levels of education and experience. The last thing you want is an amateur tree service botching a pruning job on one of your trees. Even if they don’t harm the tree itself, the unbalanced, damaged look will remain for years, until new branches have had time to grow.


Inspecting Your Entire Tree

You need to have your trees inspected by one of our qualified arborists, who can find any splits, cracks, hollows, and rot that you need to be concerned about. Our professionals can spot these disasters before they happen. We will remove dead or badly damaged limbs, but we can also install rods, braces and cables to support living branches that are important to the look of your tree.


Restoring Your Tree Back to Beauty

If your yard isn’t getting the sun you want because of your trees, send us in for a little maintenance pruning. We can thin out the extra, crisscrossing branches in a way that lets more light through while retaining the overall look of the trees. If one of your trees has been damaged by weather, vandalism, topping, or amateur tree maintenance, we may be able to restore the look and health of the damaged tree. We can prune artistically and selectively to restore form and structure.


Tree and Lawn Force has decades of collective experience at tree pruning. We are well known and widely trusted to perform tree maintenance, inspection and repair. We are fully licensed and adhere to the standards of all leading arboriculture organizations. We strive to offer the very best in customer service. We finish our jobs in timely and efficient manners, with minimal impact on your property or its residents. Call or email us today.


Whenever you have to take a tree down, or nature does it for you, you are left with an unsightly stump. Let the Tree and Lawn Force crew take care of that problem for you. You could easily spend a weekend or more trying to dig that stump out of the ground yourself. Our tree stump removal specialists can have it done in next to no time!


Using the Right Tools & Doing the Job Right!

If you are just looking to get rid of a stump to improve the look of your property, we will bring in a stump grinder. This is a piece of machinery that can grind the stump into mulch in a matter of minutes. Though powerful, our stump grinder is designed to maneuver through tight spaces, such as backyard gates, and our crew makes sure we are as clean as possible. We will grind the stump down to 4-to-6 inches below ground level. This will prevent the stump from sprouting a woody shrub of new shoots, as many tree stumps will do.


If you want to plant another tree in the same place, or another large plant, then grinding the stump will not be enough. Nor will it be enough if you are planning to put a building in where the stump was. In these cases you are going to need us to excavate the stump entirely, removing the root system as well the remains of the trunk. We will send in a small excavator, which can dig up the stump in just minutes. We will then fill the hole with soil to bring it up to a level with the rest of your yard.


Experienced Tree Removal Services Contractor

When you need trees removed to protect your home or business, there is only one name that you can trust for superior quality and excellence - Tree and Lawn Force. With years of tree removal services experience and only the most skilled tree removal experts working for us, we have created a reputation that has stood the test of time.


Big or Small Jobs

Whether you have one problem tree that needs to be removed or you have an entire lot that needs to be cleared, we have the tools, expertise and skills to get the job done quickly and easily. We are fully licensed and insured and will work with every customer to ensure that their needs are met - going above and beyond expectations to deliver the finest quality of service.


Removing dead and diseased and damaged trees is essential to keeping your home and business safe and looking great. Increase their value and prevent damage by calling Tree and Lawn Force today. See for yourself why we are leaders in the tree removal services and discover what quality and excellence can do for you!


Storms are often the most frightening thing to deal with in the fall and winter months. Storms can really cause damage with the trees in your yard. Trees can fall on your home, vehicles or block your driveway. You may even have huge branches everywhere on your property. This is where Tree and Lawn Force’s Emergency Storm Clean-up team comes to the rescue!


Emergency Storm Cleanup and Tree Removal

Emergency storm clean-up is important because it is best to get on with your life after a traumatic storm. If trees have become an obstacle for you after a storm, it is important to get those cleaned up by professionals who know their business when it comes to trees.


24 Hour Professional Storm Clean-Up

Our tree service professionals know how to help when storms have ravaged your trees and property with damage. We are on call 24/7 and will try to come out as quickly as possible and clean-up trees that have maligned your property after a storm.


Licensed Professionals

Our licensed tree professionals are here to help with damages after a storm. For city needs we are available as well. We are an expert tree service you can rely on for emergency tree removal after a horrendous storm. If you have trees that you are afraid will fall during the next storm that comes, be sure to call us and we will come out ahead of time to remove those trees.


Call us for an estimate on those menacing trees and see if we can’t help you get your property back on track quickly. We will also do tree trunk removal for those stubborn tree stumps that just keep going deeply into your property. Don’t break yourself trying to remove fallen trees, trust professionals to help you get this done quickly.


Tree and Lawn Force has been the business you can rely on since 1990. Steve started in the landscaping industry at age 16, at age 19 he went off on his own with one walk-behind mower. From that day Tree and Lawn Force has been serving Chester County for the last 25 years!

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