Tree Pruning Services

Tree Pruning is a Skilled Job

Tree and Lawn Force is not just a tree pruning company, we are tree surgeons. Proper KIMG0232pruning is a skilled job that requires both high levels of education and high levels of experience. The last thing you want is an amateur tree service botching a pruning job on one of your trees. Even if they don’t harm the tree itself, the unbalanced, damaged look will remain for years, until new branches have had time to grow.

Inspecting Your Entire Tree

You need to have your trees inspected by one of our qualified arborists, who can find any splits, cracks, hollows, and rot that you need to be concerned about. Our professionals can spot these disasters before they happen. We will remove dead or badly damaged limbs, but we can also install rods, braces, and cables to support living branches that are important to the look of your tree.

Restoring Your Tree Back to Beauty

If your yard isn’t getting the sun you want because of your trees, send us in for a little maintenance pruning. We can thin out the extra, crisscrossing branches in a way that lets more light through while retaining the overall look of the trees. If one of your trees has been damaged by weather, vandalism, topping, or amateur tree maintenance, we may be able to restore the look and health of the damaged tree. We can prune artistically and selectively to restore form and structure.

Tree and Lawn Force has decades of collective experience at tree pruning. We are well known and widely trusted to perform tree maintenance, inspection, and repair. We are fully licensed, and adhere to the standards of all leading arboricultural organizations. We strive to offer the very best in customer service. We finish our jobs in timely and efficient manners, with minimal impact on your property or its residents. Call or email us today.

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