Tree Stump Removal Upper Darby, PA

A stump can be light or heavy; and it’s impossible to tell just how weighty its removal will be. Sometimes a stump can be yanked out with some chain and a pickup truck. Sometimes, that stump is dug in enough you’ll end up ripping your rear bumper off and looking like an idiot on an America’s Funniest Home Videos episode; only nobody thought to record it, and it’s “already been done”, so there’s no $10,000 prize for you.

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Let’s take a look at the situation. Say there’s a great old oak near your home, and it’s fallen into the parking lot. You’re able to get that removed on your own, but the stump remains, and is a blight.  The term “stumped” comes precisely from such a scenario, and that’s just one of many reasons professionals are necessary. Some qualities to consider include:

  • Licensed/Certified Professionals
  • Twenty Years of Experience (or more!)
  • Variety of Services (Including landscaping/hardscaping)
  • Year Round Service
  • Emergency Support

At Tree And Lawn Force, a landscaping and hardscaping service located in West Chester, Pennsylvania and serving all surrounding area from Darby to Malvern, it’s our prerogative to help preserve any area where a winter storm has brought down a massive tree, or where a plain old stump needs safely removed. There are quite a lot of things that your yard may need, and you only have 24 hours in a day. There are a lot of things you or a tertiary group you work with can get done on your own; but there are some scenarios that require professionals, and there are definitely going to be times when emergencies predicate swift services.

A Solution You Can Trust
With Tree And Lawn Force, you can rely on 25+ years exemplary service to Malvern, Darby, and the surrounding community. You can count on landscaping, hardscaping, emergency services, and professional acumen. What you can’t count on is the weather following your designs. Even the weatherman, whose job it is to predict patterns, is going to miss the mark on a regular basis. It makes sense to have a stump removal service you can trust readily available. We at Tree And Lawn Force want to be that service.

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